We have to confess

There are no aliens, robots or rocket science involved in our day-to-day work. In the end it's still work and unfortunately not a ball pit.

But: We do our best to create an enjoyable, focused and challenging environment. We believe work should not be a burden but a cozy place to hang out. With regular cake breaks, fun, endeavour and challenges we enjoy tackling.

An environment full of possibilities, exhausting them is your responsibility.

Select your destiny to begin your reBuy quest.

man at work

20% more excitement

Each Friday we motivate you to make use of your time in an efficient way. Grow your skills, contribute to open-source projects or finally refactor the code everyone frets about. As a rule of thumb it should be reBuy related or an open-source contribution.

We are serious about building a great work environment and strongly believe that long tail this has positive outcomes for reBuy as a company. Great ideas come from the developers who daily shape and create what our customers enjoy. Expertise is equally important to build a strong technical and customer friendly product. It is our task to provide the room and time for our developers to thrive in those areas.

Having the freedom to decide about your work time comes with a strong package of trust and honesty from both sides, but being open-minded about the feedback you might receive is a requirement. Knitting might not be the right skill to learn, at least right now. ;)

Yes you got that right: You will be able to spend each Friday on topics you deem important. Batteries included. With a few if's and when's.

Work with us and be part of a talented group of excited developers.

In the zone

There are rules to keep our devs in the zone, like using chat or keeping meetings to a minimum.

We want you to focus on current features and issues instead of explaining the 10th time how the internet-tubes work.

Team up

Collaboration is key. Your team plays a huge role in your work so we do our best to keep the spirit up.

Team events, techtalks or participating in meetups are ways to achieve that.

Too good to be real

Good code can only be created by great and happy people. In order to be good, you need to feel comfortable at work.

We push hard to make work equal fun so you reach new heights.

Hand in hand

We embrace product management! Work hand in hand to drive decisions in harmony instead of incompatibility.

And the best part for everyone: Numbers decide instead of personal preferences.


We don't want to be in your way. All of our source code is available to you. Deployment is fully automated and chat based. Our servers are puppet managed.

Nothing and no one will stop you to take action and make awesome stuff happen.

Not just a webshop

There is more than meets the eye! reBuy is way more than a simple webshop. A lot of our software is home-made because of the underlying complex business model.

And expect to be struck with amazement when you see our 9000m² logistics.

reBuy buddy

During the first few months you will spend a lot of time with your personal reBuy buddy. When not pair programming with you, your co-worker will guide you through the reBuy wonderland and answer all of your questions.

No batteries included. ;)


Numbers are everywhere, not just in our server statistics. A/B testing is a key factor in what we do. Implement features and see by yourself how it impacts our business. Take decisions, iterate or pull the parachute.

Jan's first day at reBuy

typical work space

"Upon arrival my new colleagues gave me a warm welcome and I felt comfortable right away. I got to meet everyone and was shown around the fresh-looking office. The tour ended in my team's room.

Then I could finally unpack my new work companion. Rebuy provided me with what I asked for, a state-of-the-art MacBook Pro. My team lead handed me a to-do list describing step by step what to do to get the system up and running, which went way faster than expected. So I had very few questions left which were happily answered by my co-workers, also the whole system is packed within a well managed virtual machine.

At the end of the day I had my system prepared for the upcoming journey. A journey that I'm happy to be on since it started." - Jan

Self organizing super robot

mobile dev equipment

Cake driven

Mhh cake, at
tech.reBuy we
love cake

Daily business

At the kick-off day your team's product manager will present feature requests of different departments that have passed the PMs' pit of trial. After discussing the pros and cons and resolving remaining questions, your team decides on a commitment and dives into programming.

Development will happen in pair programming or by yourself, but always with the backup of your team. Once your code is finished, it has to pass the code review process, which you initialize by creating a pull request on GitHub.

While you wait for the review, Jenkins will run your unit tests and allow or disallow the merging of your branch.

A few iterations later, hopefully all systems are green and your code has passed review. Depending on the feature size, you either create a sandbox or deploy immediately onto the productive system.

A sandbox creation is managed via web UI and enables the departments or QA to test the new feature easily.

Deploying into production is quick and painless. Just command our chatbot hubert to deploy the project for you.

Tools like grafana, graylog or new relic help you to verify that there are no issues and you can have a good night's sleep. Or the opposite happens and you have to bake a cake for the next day.

The next morning, in your team's daily stand-up, you update your team about your feature-of-greatness while high-fiving. Then, you pick a new story and challenge your gray matter once again.

Why shouldn't I join?

Full stack

If you want to develop and learn new skills, reBuy is a great place to work at. You will be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and learn new languages, technologies, and approaches.

Open feedback

We are our own greatest critics. Your code will be reviewed regularly and discussed piece by piece. We do that in order to improve your skills. For newcomers, this is one of the hardest burdens to overcome.

Not enjoying responsibility

Your responsibility will extend far beyond than just creating code for tasks the product management feeds you. Developers at reBuy are heavily involved in driving topics which ranges from evaluation, decision, communication, reporting and more.

Too agile

We are agile in a lot of ways. That's why team blendings occur every now and then. You will be taken out of your comfort zone and assigned with new tasks. Not every one enjoys this kind of agility.




You are not alone


Pride in the
code you build


With great power, comes great responsibility

Product smile


Club Mate

Every broken build is a cake



Hmmm, maybe we should add a ball pit to the improvement list ...